Luke’s Favourites of the Fall

Well, since Aaron did his list, I might as well add a wee list of some of the wines that I think were top drawer at this years’ summer and fall seasons. While I am not a professional taster or wine judge or anything like that, I have tasted quite a bit this year at various tastings and there are a few that stand out to me as something special in some way.


Some favs from this year (in no particular order);

Desert Hills Gamay ’08

Blue Mountain Gamay (why aren’t more wineries planting more gamay? Only Beaujolais does it and BC could put itself on the map with a variety of styles of this kind of grape.)

Road 13 Old Vines Chenin Blanc ’07 (ditto for this grape variety)

D’Angelo Tempranillo ’06

Painted Rock Chardonnay ’08 (Or anything really from this winery – it’s all fabulous)

Inniskillin Malbec (or anything from their Discovery Series, but their Malbec really stands out to me)

Kalala Zweigelt ’06 (unfortunately it is sold out now after winning a bronze at the 14th Northwest Wine Summit last May)

Black Hills Alibi ’08

Twisted Tree Viognier Rousanne ’08

Cedar Creek Ehrenfelser ’08


Wineries that I’ll be following closely over the next year;

Painted Rock – The line up that I tasted was outstandingly yummy. Every wine had depth and was interesting and totally unique.

Twisted Tree – They are trying out many varietals that are uncommon in the Okanagan and with some very interesting results. I’m still waiting for the release of the Tannat. Maybe next spring??

D’Angelo – Refined and elegant, balanced Old-world style wine-making which, for my palate, is what I find interesting. There is complexity and depth waiting in these wines.

There are other wines that I didn’t really like that have won all kinds of awards this year, but I like to focus on positive things as much as I can. Plus, everybody has different tastes and it’s the discussions when you share a glass or two that make wine such a great thing to share. Cheers!