Zweigelt 2008 from Kalala Organic Estate

There hasn’t been a wine review in a while and this one caught my palate this afternoon, so here goes.

Kalala Organic Estate Winery’s Zweigelt 2007 did great things including winning a medal at the Northwest Wine Summit last spring. I remember it being quite bold and spicy, like a pinot noir with attitude. Their recent Zweigelt ’08 does not follow the ’07 in style but it is still a very interesting wine.

The ’08 is lighter in body and color that its predecessor. There is a good dose of black pepper, straw and cocoa on the nose, with a little dark cherry aromas in the background. It was quite light on the palate with flavours of sour cherries and cinnamon. It was bracingly acidic, which threw me for a little bit. Although at this point the wine is still quite young, I wasn’t quite prepared for that much acidity and thought it to be a little over the top.

Thinking about it a little more though, I remembered that I’ve always had trouble finding a good local wine to pair with Italian food. The best wines for Italian food have usually always been Italian wines, at least that’s the easy way. Italian wines can be quite acidic, which is what makes them pair well with tomato-based sauces or cream sauces. The ’08 Kalala Zweigelt would also match that style perfectly. It’s got more than enough acidity and fruit to match anything marinara sauce without any oak to get in the way. The next time I have a cannelloni, lasagna, or anything with an alfredo sauce, I’m going to try it with this Zweigelt. It might just be the wine that can match with foods that others from BC can’t. At the very least it’s different and good on them for making food worthy wine.

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