Pinot Gris 2008 from Gray Monk

Ok, if you’re going to name your winery after a slang term for a grape, that winery better produce a great version of wine from that particular grape. That’s what Gray Monk has done again and again and this year is no exception.

Gray Monk has been around for quite a long time (by BC standards) and dates back to the late 1970’s. They have a large variety of wines in different styles to choose from and people who know their wines tend to have a favorite. A friend of mine picked out their Late Harvest Kerner as their absolute favorite white wine of all time. My wife frequently bought the Latitude 50 whites and reds, which is the first Gray Monk wine that I tried. Some people go for the Ehrenfelser or the Siegerebbe. They also have an outstanding pinot noir and a couple of different merlots. But the pinot gris is their namesake and that’s what makes this wine interesting for me.

I’ve had their gris in years past, probably starting with the ’01, which was out when I went there for the first time in the early spring of ’03 (my first real visit to ‘wine country’). The ’08 has that same aroma that always makes me remember that first visit (the Mission Hill Pinot Blanc does the same for me as well for some reason…) so there must be something to their grapes that gives them that kind of consistency. Anyways, this wine has a beautiful aroma of lemon meringue pie (like a sweet lemony aroma) mixed with a little flinty/mineral component that makes gives a little zing. The palate has some similar flavours with a little orange zest in there as well. It’s a beautiful, yummy wine that I would pair with some light appies (spinach & artichoke dip anyone?) or just enjoy it on its own, which is actually something that I rarely do.

In all, it’s a delightful wine that delivers on value, consistency and taste. Enjoy!