Podcast #12 – Rare Wine Varieties and Calona’s Sovereign Opal

Every place has its unique history and each wine region has its own particular varieties of grapes that suit its climate and topography, etc. Being a newer place for quality win, BC’s wine country is still in the discovery phase of grape varietals. There are tons of different kinds of grapes that we grow here that are well worth taking a trip to see. Leave Merlotville or Chardonnayland for just a little while with some of these spectactular wines made with unique grape varieties. Or try the only grape used for wine that was developped in Canada, Calona’s Sovereign Opal 2008.

Calona Aritist Series Sovereign Opal 2008

One thought on “Podcast #12 – Rare Wine Varieties and Calona’s Sovereign Opal

  1. chris

    i loved the podcast. especially aaron. i certainly agree that cedar creek makes the best Erinfeltzer. keep up the stellar work.
    you rock aaron. sometimes when im at home and noone is around i pretend that i am you.lol . keep up the good work

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