Podcast # 26 – Wine glass taste-along and a Peller Pinot Noir ’08

The glasses we used in this podcast.
These are the glass that we used while recording. (No glasses were harmed in the making of this podcast.)

Breathable glass? Different sizes of glasses for red or white? Different shapes for pinot noir or chianti? Does that really make a difference to enjoying wine or is it just another way to get us to buy more wine glasses? What wrong with a good old Mason jar?

Well, grab a plastic cup, a coffee mug and a wine glass, open up a pinot noir (or any favorite wine) and taste along with us as we explore the topic of stemware and glasses. Let us know what you think. Cheers!

For info about the Riedel glasses and their designs check out the Riedel website.

For info on Eisch Breathable glasses, check out their website.

Peller Private Reserve Pinot Noir 2008
Peller Private Reserve Pinot Noir 2008 $19

The carnage after trying all these glasses.

2 thoughts on “Podcast # 26 – Wine glass taste-along and a Peller Pinot Noir ’08

  1. Great Podcast guys. It`s Crazy the difference that the glass makes. I also have some of those breathable glasses, trust me I am a hard sell on wine gimmicks, so I blind tasted the same wine with them, they really work well. I hear you when you talk about hosting tasting with crappy little plastic glasses I have to put up with the same thing…. blaaaaaa… Good shout out to Rustico, I am looking forward to stopping by there some time. Have you seen my interview video with Bruce Fuller. Check it out http://mnonline.ca/2010/01/31/016-rustico-winery-stops-by-the-wine-garage/

    1. winecountrybc

      I wasn’t convinced about the breathables at first. I tried out one on a Madiran and it didn’t do anything – no real noticeable improvement between the two glasses and only a slight different. It works best with young, new world, fruit-forward wines.

      I did see your vids with Bruce. It was a week or two after I went to see him at his wine shop and it’s pretty cool that he brought all that stuff down for your video. Should be a popular place this summer.

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