Podcast #27 – Wine Online – Sites, Blogs, Social Media and Red Rooster Bantam ’08

If you’re reading and listening to our podcasts online and maybe downloading them from iTunes, chances are you are already in the loop about social media, blogs and online content about wine. Maybe there are some new places that you haven’t been to yet or haven’t explored. There are many locally grown, organic blogs and and social media sites that are waiting for your clicks and many explore wine in our very own province of BC! In fact, you might even be reading one right this very minute!!

On this week’s podcast, we are joined by Jeannette Montgomery, writer and raven maven of the Okanagan wine scene. Along with her own independant writing career, Jeanette is also blogging for the Okanagan Wine Festival Society and she has a lot to say about the life of wine online. So sit back and get comfy with this, one of our longest podcasts so far.

Some of the websites that we have mentioned in this podcast;

Okanagan Writing Services

Okanagan Wine Festival Society Blog

BC Wineries.net – online social platform that aims to unite wine lovers with wine makers

Cherries and Clay and Vinifico – two huge Vancouver-based wine blogs

Mike Nierychlo online – Langley-based wine vlog

Monster Vineyards by Poplar Grove

Painted Rock Estate Winery

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  1. Thanks for this — I really enjoyed the discussion and the tasting made me crave a nice glass of white. I look forward to checking out more of your podcasts. Cheers!

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