Podcast #30 – Blends vs Single Varietals and Clos de Soleil Red 2007

Clos de Soleil Red 2007

A lot of world famous wines (think Bordeaux, Champagne, or Chianti) are blended wines. Some are labeled by their varietal (Alsace, Germany, and most New World wines). With the recent announcement by a BC winery that they will be forgoing varietally labelled wines in favour blended wines with proprietary names, we thought it would make a compelling debate about the merits of each. Will new world producers like BC start to move away from varietally labelled wines? Should we or shouldn’t we? Do you often buy wines that aren’t labeled with a grape variety? How important is it really?

These things and more in this week’s podcast as we taste a new winery that is only making two wines and both of them are meritage blends – Clos de Soleil 2007 Red from the Similkameen Valley.

So what do you prefer – blends or single varietals?