April 2010 – Spring is springing

In the Okanagan, spring isn’t a gradual progression of seasonal change that it is in other places. One day it’s -2 at night and then 25 and sunny the next day. Someone just flips a switch and poof, the temperature goes up, the bareque gets cleaned (I wish) and then you find yourself having the mow the lawn again. But that’s what makes all the vines start to wake up and that’s exactly what’s happening right now. If you’ve been following some of the wineries on Twitters, you’ll have already seen some snaps of their vines going through bud burst. The fruit trees near Oliver have been blossoming for a while not and it seems to take vines a little longer to get going. Here are a couple of photos that I snapped while out for drive on Black Sage Road the other day.

Vineyards near Burrowing Owl
Vineyard on Black Sage Road
Still snow on the peaks
Painted Rock Estate Winery as viewed from the lookout on Hwy 97.