Podcast #35 – Sparkling Wines and Summerhill’s Cipes Gabriel

Had sparkling wine from BC yet? If you haven’t, you might be missing out. There are a handful of dedicated winemakers who are creating a whole range of sparkling wines in the Okanagan Valley. From bruts for breakfast to sweeties for serenades, there will likely be a BC bubbly to suite your occasion. We’ll try to talk about all the sparkling wines we can in the space of this podcast so pop a cork (or sabre one, if that’s your thing) and join us for a podcast to help you drink the stars.

One of the standout BC bubblies is the Cipes Gabriel from Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna. They have one of the largest sparkling programs in the Okanagan with a wide variety of styles available to suite many different palates. Gray Monk, Sumac Ridge, Township 7, Blue Mountain, and Road 13 were all mentioned in this podcast and all have something special in the sparkling department. While most of these wineries have special, boutique-style production, Sumac Ridge’s lineup is now as diverse as Summerhill’s. The quality across the board is truly impressive which leads us to wonder why more wineries aren’t taking aim at the sparkling market when it has so much potential.

PS – We forgot one widely-available sparkler while recording this episode  – do you know which one it is? Leave us a comment if you think you know!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #35 – Sparkling Wines and Summerhill’s Cipes Gabriel

  1. Kathy

    My guess for the forgotten sparkling is … See Ya Later Ranch NV Brut. Also, Elephant Island’s Little King – but that is not widely available.

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the podcasts! I have listened to some of Natalie McLeans – yours are much better. Keep up the great work!


    1. winecountrybc

      Hey Kathy,
      Glad you like our podcast, thank you so much for listening! You are right about the See Ya Later NV Brut – I have no idea why we forgot about that one. It’s way too good a bubble to be forgettable. Cheers from Wine Country!


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