Podcast #38 – Mike and Mike from WineGarage.tv

Cassini's Tuxedo Shiraz 2008

Depretentiousize Me!

Stopping in at the Wine Country BC studios on their busy tour through the Okanagan Valley in a quest to “depretentiousize” wine, Mike Nierychlo and Mike Rathjen share their thoughts on blogs, wine and all things made passionately. There is a lot in the works for their video podcasting site and the coming fall harvest will also feature some new and exciting things (along with some clever word-creation) never before done on a blog. And we’ll taste a wine that’s new for all of us – Cassini Cellars’ Tuxedo Shiraz 2008 – and maybe we’ll create a brand new word to describe it! You heard it here first…

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Also mentioned in this podcast is the amazingly active online BC wine community BCWineries.net.

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Mike Rathjen
Mike Nierychlo