Back from WBC2010

I just got back from the 3rd annual Wine Bloggers’ Conference in beautiful, sunny Walla Walla, Washington and am now in recovery mode. I’ll be posting some photos and a special podcast containing clips of some of the many sounds and interviews that I recorded while I was there. There’s lots of stuff to share and one big podcast project in the works as well, which I will announce in the next podcast.

Speaking of podcasts, the CDRW drive on the recording work station that I use to record Wine Country BC has declared independence and is steadfastly refusing to record anything that resembles audio. Therefore, the regular Tuesday podcasts here might have to take a little summer vacation until this can be fixed, which I am trying to do as soon as possible.

A big huge THANK YOU to the organizers of the Wine Bloggers’ Conference, the wonderful town of Walla Walla, WA and the excellent staff of the Marcus Whitman Hotel – all of whom did a fabulous job this week. There was a large contingent from BC at the conference and we represented very well. I’ll post more about the amazing people I met and the events as soon as the 9 hour drive wears off. Cheers!