Podcast #42 – WBC 2010, Sustainability and Inniskillin’s Ice Wine Tour

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Audrey from Inniskillin Okanagan

A little recap: I attended the Wine Bloggers’ Conference in Walla Walla, Washington at the end of June and though I consider myself a podcaster rather than a blogger, Wine Country BC is technically a blog and therefore I felt justified in going. Plus they served us tons of wine and if I have to be a blogger on that occassion, then I’ll take one for the team. Count me in.

Lots happening in this week’s podcast, including a special interview with Audrey Silbernagel from Inniksillin Okanagan Estate Winery. They have a special tour at their winery on the Golden Mile bench that is very exciting, particularly if you are a lover of icewine. She’ll tell us all about it in this exclusive interview recorded at the winery.

But first, we start at the end with a short clip of Jeanette, Linsday and I returning from WBC2010. Then it’s on to more clips – interviews of winery owners and bloggers in attendance at the conference. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a BIG announcement about the future of Wine Country BC’s Podcasts. Take a listen, click and be merry.

Links to people, places, and blogs in this podcast

(in no particular order)

Kaz and RandyWine Biz Radio (@winebizradio)

John Clerides Marquis Wine Cellars

Jeff WeisslerConscious Wines.com

Lindsey and Jeanette (Okanagan Writing Services)- drivers extrordinaire

Sean and Graham – Vinifico.com

Karen GurneyThe Wine Bard

Kathleen Rake  – Between the Vines

Allison Markin – All She Wrote

Lori Lynn PikeNo Boundaries

Crystal FroeseDunham and Froese Winery

Some of the fabulous wineries whose wines we tasted while in Walla Walla

Parducci Cellars

Concannon Vineyards

Rotie Cellars

Chateau Rollat Winery

Canoe Ridge Vineyard

Otis Kenyon


Leonetti Cellars

Photos from the weekend

Wine tasting on the first day (aka fino sherry at 10am is ok because it's 8pm in Spain.)
Steve Heimoff, wine writer and blogger, giving a great keynote.
Dinner on Friday in the pub. l-r Kathleen, Lindsay, Jeanette, Allison, and Tracy
Allison (@okanagantaste) and Karen (@winebard) before the show started.
Le show avec le band - Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz!
Le bass playeuse
Walla Walla from the foothills of the Blue Mountains. (Click to see a larger version)
One of the barrel caves at Leonetti Cellars.
Bottle library at Leonetti Cellars.
Jeanette trying (and failing) to contain herself in the library of Leonetti Cellars.
Andrea Robinson, Master Sommelier, wine writer, and Andreawine.com

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      Glad you liked the photos! That was an awesome show! Such a blast and my favourite kind of music too. Funny I had to go to Walla Walla to find out about a band from Vancouver though. The world is strange that way…

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