OK Falls fire

Some photos of the recent fire near Okanagan Falls BC. Fires like this are a part of life here in the Okanagan and everyone still recalls the fires in 2003 that were so devastating to the whole valley. The closest wineries to this fire were Blasted Church (who’s vineyards you can see in one of the photos) and Meyer Family Vineyards, who are located on the other side of the small mountain where the fire was burning. Thanks to Calli for these photos.

5:53pm July 22, 2010 View from north of the fire and slightly north of Blasted Church's home vineyard. The fire was reported only hours earlier.
9:15am July 23, 2010 Fire was still burning the next morning but is noticeably less smokey. Blasted Church's home vineyard is on the left mid-ground. Eastside road is centre-bottom. (Click to enlarge)
9:15am July 23, 2010 Closeup of smoking hillside. Blasted Church's home vineyard is on the left foreground. (Click to enlarge)