Terroir Okanagan Style

This is a really good visual way to demonstrate how different parcels of land can produce fruit that is different from other areas. Yes, soil, slope, aspect, and all that other stuff contribute too. But getting direct sunlight until 8:30pm while the many of the other vineyards are in shadow has to contribute something special.

This isn’t the only area where there is light late into the evening (we covered a little about this in an early podcast about the Black Sage/Golden Mile), but Naramata was one of the first areas to really declare itself different from other places and here is one of those reasons.

The time on the phone is 8:29pm July 20, 2010.
Direct sunlight on vineyards along the Naramata Bench.

At the same time, most of the vineyards across the lake in Summerland were in shadow. But of course they get sun earlier in the morning, so which one produces better wine and does it matter? Could there be a difference in taste between the east and west sides of the lake? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s little events like this that make everybody’s wines different and interesting. Do you prefer wines from the western side or eastern side of the valley? Where are you favorite wineries located?

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Interesting or not interesting? Taste a difference?