Dinner and an Airshow

Just so you know, sometimes living in wine country has perks that have nothing to do with wine. For example, while making dinner on Friday we heard the roar from an airplane engine taking off from the Oliver airport. No biggie, happens now and then. There are a few antique warbirds that live at the airport there and now and then they go out for a spin.

But then it happened again with louder roars and we looked out to see two more planes taking off in formation. They circled around gaining altitude and forming up before then cruising south down the valley. Then about 15 minutes later, it happened again with another 2 planes. They buzzed around for about an hour doing loops, barrel rolls and all sorts of stuff. We later learned from a local news website that there were formation flying classes going on. Anyways, cool things sometimes happen here when they’re least expected.