Podcast #43 – New Season, New Wineries

Welcome back to the new season of Wine Country BC – News, Reviews and Things to Do With Wine in British Columbia! It’s been quite a summer and there’s lots to talk about.

We start this season off with a survey of all the new wineries that have sprung up over the recent vintage. There are quite a few this year. Some of them we’ve already talked a little about last season so if you heard us mention them, then you’re already ‘in the know’ about the latest goings on. If you haven’t heard of some of these yet, don’t worry, I was surprised by a couple of them as well. It’s difficult to keep track sometimes.

Also new this season, we will be doing a regular feature of shout-outs in every podcast to our BC wine friends who participate on our Facebook page or who follow us on Twitter. We’re growing as a community every week and this is our opportunity to say thanks. So listen carefully, you might be a part of our podcast this week!

So grab a glass, fill it with your favorite vintage and help us bring on our second season of Wine Country BC. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #43 – New Season, New Wineries

  1. Kathy

    Hey Luke!

    Great podcast! Thanks for the update on the newest wineries in the Okanagan. I look forward to more of your tastings, news and reviews.

    Cheers and Right On!

    1. winecountrybc

      Hey Kathy,

      Glad you’re enjoying the podcasts! We hope you have as good a time listening to them as we have making them. Cheers!


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