Podcast #51 – Wine Magazines in BC – Savour

Ok, I have to admit that in the Okanagan’s home-grown magazine on wine and food, I find it difficult to read the articles. I am distracted too often by the photos, the beautiful photos of the tastiest culinary treats from the Okanagan’s elite chefs and food producers. On one page there will be the most amazing chocolates and then an article on cigars or espresso. There are also restaurant reviews, the latest cook books, recipes, and more about all things tasty in the Okanagan.

And of course, there is wine. While Savour is not a dedicated wine magazine, it is a major part of Okanagan culinary life and is a major presence in the pages of each issue. It isn’t all just sweetness and light. Industry professionals like Rhys Pender MW, Julianna Hayes, and Dr. David Bond, who wrote an article about the “Cellared in Canada” issue that made headlines in 2009, are all frequent contributors.

Savour is about to launch a full featured online presence with a brand new website (to be unveiled soon) to go along with their activity on Twitter and the fabulous local wine community on BC Wineries.net.  

So grab something tasty and listen to our interview with Savour publisher Chytra Brown and managing editor Joyce Wegner. And just a warning if you pick up an issue of any Savour magazine: be prepared to get hungry.