Podcast #53 – Wine in University Life

There is a lot to learn in post-secondary education. A small part of that is actually learned in the classrooms of the college or university. The rest is learned elsewhere: in the meal halls, dorms, hallways, streets, local pubs and bars, apartments and anywhere else you can spend your time as a student. It was in university that I first learned about wine.

I knew about wine way before that. My parents had wine occasionally at special meals and I’m sure they must have let me and my sister try it at some point before we were ‘supposed to’. We probably hated it and went back to our apple juice. Most of the wine probably came from the local corner store (called a depanneur in Quebec) where there was plenty of wine on the shelve, most for under $5 and probably of a pretty low quality. I’ve been known to refer to some wines as “dep wine” and it isn’t a compliment.

As a student later on, wine entered my life in a much more profound way for a few reasons. I could legally buy it, there were other people who were also interested in it and, for the first time it started to taste good. In fact, when I paid a little more money and attention to it, it tasted really good. Then I learned that wines could be paired with certain foods, which would make the whole meal that much better.

I was still a little freaked out when shopping for wine. Why was some wine called burgundy and others not? Wasn’t that just calling the wine by its color? What color were wines that weren’t burgundy? I really wanted to learn about wine so that I could know what all that stuff meant.

I also wanted to graduate. So I forgot about wine, went back to my whiskies and finished my degree with all the class and courtly decorum of a demolition derby. Later, after all the dust had settled and when I had a little extra time to read, I started reading about wine.  

Everyone who loves wine probably has a story about when they learned about it. A lot of the time, it happens in college or university as a young adult. With this podcast to consult an expert on university, someone who knows all about university life – an actual, real-life university student. So please welcome Calli as a guest host on this week’s podcast. Enjoy!