Podcast #58 – Blind Tasting

Today, we’ve replaced Calli and Jeanette’s regular wine with Rustico’s Old Vines Zinfandel 2008. Let’s see what they have to say…

Sometimes wine tasting can be extra fun when you don’t know what you are drinking. It’s a little bit thrilling, a little bit educational, and always good for conversation.

So much of how we taste wine is influenced by what we know (or think we know) about the wine. Price is a big influence – expectations tend to be higher for more expensive wines that must ‘live up to the price’. If you visited a winery in the past and had a good or bad experience, that might influence the way that you perceive the wine. The grape variety, blend, country of origin, label design, and packaging all play a subtle role in how we taste a wine.

Take all that away, and see if you still like it. Cheers!