News and Follow Up

Hey BC Wine lovers!

I just have a few things to post before I forget them. They are not big enough for a whole post of their own and so they must be a part of this postlet.

Screw the Corks

I have just a quick followup to the Cork vs Screwcap debate Check out these vids from the 100% Cork organization (on the Cherries & Clay blog). The other side of that coin would be the International Screwcap Initiative, which doesn’t have quite as sexy a campaign going on at the moment, although that might change. I’m still not quite at the end of George Taber’s book To Cork or Not To Cork and now feel that with all the different closures available (Vino Lok’s, Stelvins, synthetic corks, Twin Tops, crown caps, and Zorks (used by Rocky Creek Winery in Cowichan Bay), we should probably tackle this topic again in a future podcast. There are certainly lots of opinions about which is best and what people prefer. I’ve had customers look down their noses on great wines sealed with screw tops and others who still think that there is a shortage of corks in the world and only buy screw tops. In any case, there needs to be much more discussion about this.


Former Wine Country BC Podcast guest Jeff Weissler’s new version of the website Conscious will be up and running shortly after numerous delays to their launch. The new site has hours and hours of videos and podcasts along with tons of resources. There is information on wine appreciation and what to expect from a sustainably farmed bottle of wine. While their list of wineries hasn’t quite yet reached into Washington State, you can learn a lot about the concepts of sustainability and ask the producers here in BC what they are doing to be sustainable. You can listen to the interview with Jeff in Podcast #50 here or on iTunes.

New Street Names in Oliver

The Town of Oliver, Wine Capital of Canada, is in the process of renaming its streets. It is still going through the various stages of committees and reports but just to warn you that your next trip to wine country might be a little confusing to you and your GPS. This is the proposal and this is a great local news website that carries stories and opinions about all the goings on that happen in the Wine Capital of Canada.

The roads where the wineries are located are largely outside of the town and so won’t be affected by the changes. (Although it would be kind of funny to think about what Road 13 Vineyards would do if the name of their road were changed to Princess Lane…)