Podcast #65 – Interview with Camelot

Denise and Rob at Camelot's Round Table tasting bar.

Denise and Rob from Camelot Vineyards join us for a chat on this week’s podcast. If you haven’t yet visited any of the wineries of East Kelowna, they will gladly rave about all of them while they pour you a sip at their ’round table’-style tasting bar.

But the medieval theme isn’t just a gimmic, their wine is seriously good and they have created a brand that they bring to life every summer at their Medieval Fair. Their consulting wine maker Ann Sperling brings her expertise to the portfolio of wines which have garnered numerous awards and will surely collect more in the future.

Unfortunately zoning, insurance, and legal reasons prevent them from constructing a real moat (complete with monsters, etc) but there are lots of other things to look at while sipping one of their wines at tasting bar. However, you can still saddle up to the round table bar and raise a glass to ages past with a beautiful glass of Camelot. Cheers!

"Well hello there. Haven't seen you at UBCO before..."