Podcast #71 – Closeup on Muscat

We now return to our regularly scheduled diatribes and for this week, we have chosen to focus our closeup lens on the Muscat grape. Amber walks us through this perplexing varietal that is rare, yet rewarding, and simple, yet satisfying and usually a good value when done properly.

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The Free My Grapes campaign is gaining momentum. Terry David Mulligan has decided to put these laws to the test and will film himself driving across the Alberta border from BC with a case of BC wine. Check out this article in Business in Vancouver and in the Globe and Mail.

If all is going according to plan, River Stone Winery will soon be opening its doors this weekend! Check out their website for more information and listen to my interview with owner Ted Kane. Don’t forget to tell them where you heard about them and get that Malbec Rosé before it’s gone.