Podcast #77 – A Marquis Experience

This episode is PACKED! There is so much happening in this very special episode that it boggles my mind. Not only do I reveal the wines that I will purchase to celebrate the end of my student loan, AND we taste an great organic wine from Beaumont, but there is also an awesome interview with John Clerides, owner of Marquis Wine Cellars in Vancouver. And then this happened one day…

If you want to make Amber happy – like really happy – send her on a shopping trip to buy sparkling wine. I suggested this to her one day that, if she had a little time if she could pick me up a bottle of this kind of wine on her next trip to Vancouver and I would pay her back. Well, that was all I needed to say! It happened that she was going that weekend and she MADE time for going shopping for this special kind of sparkling wine.

And where do you think she went to buy this special bottle? Well, she told me after that she went to Marquis Wine Cellars and THAT’S when I told her about my interview earlier with John Clerides and THAT’S when she said, “This would make a great podcast!” and THAT’S what we did. So here we go, a great story about buying wine and a great interview with a store owner who is as passionate about wine as he is knowledgeable, and down to earth as well. Cheers!

Podcast Sponsor – This week’s podcast is brough to you by Cantaloupe Annie’s in downtown Oliver, BC. Visit them for a special wine country picnic basket to take with you on your wine tour of the South Okanagan.

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