Podcast #78 – Terry Meyer Stone

Spring time in the valley, and all whose ways of life depend upon the vine turn their thoughts towards one thing: When am I going to be finished? Pruning and tying those vines takes forever!

So it goes that years pass with these seemingly mundane tasks at which the vineyard must be kept throughout the seasons, which blur from one to the next. And yet, there are tons, nay, throngs of people who are keenly interested in living the life and dreaming the oenological dream in which they will wake up to the view of a thousand vines on a gentle slope outside of their idyllic agrarian domicile . Visions of running through the vineyards, caressing each bunch of grapes that come fall will be turned into wine, and then sitting down to an al fresco breakfast while a gentle breeze flutters the checkered tablecloth.

It is an image of a lifestyle that perhaps doesn’t really exist as poetically as that, but never the less inspires people to u-turn their lives from urban caffeine rush to agricultural meditation. Terry Meyer Stone is one such person who, along with her brother Jak Meyer, has lived through that transition from urban to vineyard life and documented it along the way in articles for Wine Trails.

Meyer Family Vineyards has been producing top quality wine from their winery in Okanagan Falls for the past 5 vintages and not only to they honour the land that gives them the grapes, but also the people of British Columbia with the names of outstanding BC citizens adorning their bottles of Tribute series Chardonnay – Emily Carr, Bill Reid, Steve Yzerman, and most recently Okanagan Falls rodeo legend Kenny MacLean.

I spoke with Terry Meyer Stone, pruners in hand, at her vineyard in Osoyoos during a visit in the spring as the vines were being tied to the trellising wires in preparation for the coming vintage.

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