Podcast #82 – Blind Tasting a Wild Goose

Been busy lately. And then sick. And now back to being busy again. Not much time. Here’s the latest podcast, which I meant to release yesterday (see previous line) but didn’t until I got home today (refer to last sentence). Here it is, a wine that was unexpected and caught most of us off guard, myself included. Opened up an interesting debate though.

Thanks for all the great comments on the promo video for WBC12. We’ll just have to wait and see how the voting at the conference goes and hope for the best.

Plus, for your extra viewing pleasure, a few gratuitous cycling shots from my vantage point at the old Fairview townsite during the Axel’s Granfondo last weekend. It was at the top of a long hill and I found that the cyclists were a whole lot happier looking as they raced down the hill. Grueling ride. I felt the burn and I wasn’t even riding.


Das climb
Der climbers
Das Happy
Das cruisin'
Das focus