Non-wine beverages in the Okanagan

This is probably our most shocking episode. We’ve discovered that there are, in fact, other things produced in the Okanagan Valley that are not wine. I KNOW!! Shocking, isn’t it? As we find out in this episode, some of these products are good. Very good. Amazing tell-all-your-friends-because-you-want-them-to-have-a-happy-life kind of good. Yes, one of them is just that good.

Amber and I talk about fruit wineries in BC and we’ll take out Sleeping Giant’s Strawberry Rhubarb wine for a test drive. And then we try something that is a little different and yet so very at home in the Okanagan Valley – apple cider. Raven Ridge Cidery does it a little different though – they do iced-apple ciders by variety, which we wine lovers can really dig into. It’s a wonderfully new taste experience and you’ll be able to hear a lot of smiles in this episode.

A note about sound quality – I have been tinkering with the sound on this episode. Please let me know what you think of it. Does it sound better/worse/weirder than previous episodes? I love high quality sound so please send me some feedback as a comment here or on facebook or twitter. Thanks!