Blind Tasting in the Cabin

Nick and Calli after tasting a few wines.

This week’s blind tasting takes place at our special Wine Country BC “Cabin in the Woods” – special outdoor ambience is included free of charge. You’re welcome.

The great thing about blind tastings is that it’s hard to realize how much knowing what the wine is can influence how we perceive a wine. If you have never hosted a tasting such as this, I highly recommend it. You will learn so much about what you like in a wine and it’s tons of fun as well.

Spoiler alert – Don’t look down if you want to listen to the podcast without knowing what wine we’re tasting.

One thought on “Blind Tasting in the Cabin

  1. vicmoulton

    About the Pinot Noir…it reminds me of France wines available in Quebec. But $25.00 and 14% is just crazy. Good panel.

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