Busy Busy Busy…

Hey BC Wine folks,

I haven’t posted anything here lately and I thought I should to let you know why. I’ve been a little busy lately, way more than I normally am at this time of year. My day job is still the same but everything else is getting kicked up a notch. Promoting the recently released CD from my folkanagan duo, The Gala Vanters, is taking a lot more time and energy than I’d anticipated and other musical gigs have been popping up at an unusual rate as well. So much for my ‘recovering musician’ status.

Please make sure to follow the video tastings that I’ve been doing lately on YouTube. There are more up now and because they are so simple to record, edit, and upload, (way more easy than a 45-minute audio podcast) this is something that I’ll be doing more of from now on. And I’ve had a lot more response from these videos so far than anything else. Plus they’re kinda fun.

There will be more podcasts to come, including some very special ones, so if you are a subscriber on iTunes, there will be more sounds from BC’s wine country soon. It’s just not going to be as frequent.

I’m still looking for a vineyard to follow for the 2012 vintage. The general outlook on the vintage so far, based on the weather, in conversations with vineyard people, is fairly positive. Spring in the Okanagan can change quickly but things are starting to grow here far earlier than they have since I’ve lived here. So we might be in for a more “normal” year this year. Here’s hoping.

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Cheers from wine country!

with Joe Busnardo, from Divino Winery in Cobble Hill