Podcast 108 – Road 13 Sparkling Chenin Vertical with Bailey Williamson

20120510-234638.jpgSometimes a casual conversation turns into an amazing opportunity. Such is the case with this podcast. Bailey Williamson, former assistant wine maker at Road 13 Vineyards in Oliver, and I were talking one day and he asked me if I was still making podcasts. I said yes and he thought it would be a great excuse to taste through the first 3 vintages of the Sparkling Chenin Blanc that he had made at Road 13.

Hello! 3 vintages of one of my favorite sparkling wines?? I think I could make some time for that, no problem. One went the text messages and before you could say “riddling rack”, we were recording, popping crown caps and enjoying that very special vertical. What a treat!

It’s a long episode, but filled with some great comments on wine making, sparkling wine, and how wines can change over time. Cheers!