Podcast 109 – Ex Nihilo Riesling 2010

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Finally! Another podcast! It’s been just that kind of spring this year and sometimes the podcasts get a little less frequent. I’m working on another one now with interviews from wine tour operators which I expect to have ready within a few weeks. As I mentioned in my video tastings on You Tube, there will be fewer podcasts and more videos. The vids are just that much easier to produce than podcasts, which can take a fair amount of production and editing time to complete. I’d rather be spending more time making a longer, more in-depth podcast than in producing shorter podcasts about individual wines because it takes about the same amount of time. Plus the vids are way easier to watch, especially on iOS.

So here you go, our impressions on Ex Nihilo’s Riesling from 2010. Cheers from wine country!

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3 thoughts on “Podcast 109 – Ex Nihilo Riesling 2010

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  2. Thats why we win gold medals at the Riesling Du Monde’… FYI, Just recently we were privileged to have one of the top wine writers from New York at our winery. First comment on the Riesling, “one of the best he has seen from the Valley… ever”. Also FYI, We own 10 acres in Lake Country and have 10 in Ok Falls. “Great acid, good fruit” ,,, Glad you all concur…”not”. Anyway you can beat the wine up all you want and thats fine… and thats understandable as a winery. We also understand that different stokes for different folks….and as a winery owner we have a house pallet. On another note I come from the entertainment business, I would like to suggest you do your homework before you turn on your mike. Lots of “umms”, and “I do not know a lot about the wine or winery”. Have someone in your VQA store panel who does. Your listeners then can learn from your “Show” instead of just beating up the wines. Just a suggestion. Continued success with your show should there be. We will also bring some Riesling down for your shelf at the VQA store and see how it does. Who is the Boss there. We produce approx. 750 cases and sell out. We also hope your format changes a little. Have a great weekend..Cheers PS We have Family Vineyard in Napa and also look had looked after the Rolling Stones there too.

    1. winecountrybc

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry you didn’t like our podcast. Like you said, different strokes for different folks.

      I would first like to say that the comments on this site and the podcasts are mine and those of the people on my podcast. We do not represent any VQA store or media organization such as BC Food and Wine Trails or Black Press. This podcast is completely independently produced of any winery or wine organization. If had any backers at all, I would be making more money from it. But sadly, I don’t make anything from it and it is entirely a labour of love. I love wine and enjoy producing online media and music, which I’ve been doing for over 20 years now.

      As you know there are many reason why different bottles of wine taste different at any given point and perhaps the bottle we had was travel shocked or may have spent too long in a car. Even the almighty screwcap is no garantee that a wine will arrive in the condition that it left the winery. One of my presenters had brought the wine becaus she’d heard amazing things about it and wanted to share it with us. That’s what we’ve been doing on the podcast now for almost 3 years. There have been other wines that weren’t to our taste as well. We try to give honest opinions about the wine in the bottle at that time only regardless of our knowledge of the producer. Sometimes we know the producer well and sometimes we don’t. As it happened for me, I’ve tasted previous vintages of your Night, Merlot and Pinot Gris and enjoyed them all, especially the rich, heavy tannins in the reds.

      The effect of a podcast like mine has little, if any, real impact on wine sales and certainly isn’t far reaching enough to hinder any of your sales channels. If anything, reviews of any kind, positive or negative, will only make people want to go out and buy it anyways if only to prove for themselves that we on the podcast don’t know what we’re talking about.

      I wish you well on the 2012 vintage. Cheers!


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