Podcast #111 – EXCLUSIVE Cellar Hand White with the Cellar Hand herself!

The people on my podcast are a young crowd. We are all in the industry and now, we are starting to make waves in the grand fermenting tank of BC wine. One of us had a big part in creating the wine that we are tasting on this podcast.

This is Cellar Hand, made by Amber, aka the Cellar Hand at Black Hills Estate Winery on Black Sage Road in Oliver. The two wines, a white and a red blend, were released at the Vino’s Wine Film Festival last spring complete with a hilarious promotional video and a great accompanying website and blog.

Most importantly, the wine tasted great! Although we might not be the most un-biased troop to taste this wine because one of us had a hand in its production, Amber is rightly proud of these wines and you can hear it in her voice throughout the whole podcast. Congratulations Amber!

You can also hear the gang ribbing me about my big mistake. I’d meant to bring both wines to the tasting but I forgot to bring the Punch Down Red to the tasting that evening. In collecting the wines from a case in my cellar, I grabbed what I thought was a red and a white. Turns out I’d grabbed two bottles of the white. My bad. Check out a future vidcast on the YouTube channel for a tasting of the Punch Down Red.

(We weren’t sure of its availability at the time we recorded this but these wines might be available at some VQA stores.)