Similkameen BBQ King 2012

20120821-120014.jpgAh, the Similkameen Valley. It’s what I love about wine. Here’s is the audio from the 3rd annual Similkameen BBQ Championships 2012 recorded in July. There will also be a video posted on my YouTube channel which will be finished as soon as I can get some appropriate music for it. A lame excuse I know, but I like having all original music for my podcast and vidcasts. It keeps the mood better and keeps the lawsuits down to a minimum.

This is one of my favorite wine and food events and the Similkameen Valley’s wonderful sense of community really comes across in this recording. Unlike a lot of indoor tastings, there’s always lots of room to move here and it is never too loud or too quiet and boring. You will always find a wine that you like and because of the black box of ingredients that the chefs must use, food like this will never appear on any menu anywhere else than here at this time and place.

Enjoy listening in on the Similkameen Valley’s premier wine event. Cheers from Wine Country!