Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 – Part 1

The 5th North American Wine Bloggers Conference was held August 16-19 in Portland, Oregon. Avid listeners might recall the 2010 conference that I attended in Walla Walla, Washington which was presented way back in Podcast 42 and all I can say is that a lot has changed in only 2 years.

20120825-213452.jpgAs always, the balance for me when I attend events like this is when to record and document things and when to just shut up and enjoy the experience. As the 3rd season of the Wine Country BC podcast draws to a close, I like to think that I’ve become a little better at knowing when, what, where and who to record for what I hope will be an interesting and (possibly) informative podcast.

Some of the people you will hear in this podcast are:

Doug Levy from Wine and Food

Becca Yeamans from the Academic Wino

Helene Kremer from L’Esprit de Vin


Mark Feinberg from Don Sebastiani and Sons

Bob Halifax from 2001 Bottles

Christophe “X” Smith from Wine Biz Radio

Jennifer Russo from Pocket Wine Journal, (a really promising new wine app due out soon)

Patrick Spencer from Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

Allison Markin from All She Wrote

So enjoy this first installment of my recordings from #WBC12 in Portland. Part 2 will be heading your way soon! Don’t

 forget, you can subscribe to it on iTunes so you never miss a thing.

Cheers from wine country!


3 thoughts on “Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 – Part 1

  1. Great to hear some familiar voices from #WBC12 – great podcast! Thanks for joining us in Portland, and looking forward to connecting with you in Penticton! Can’t wait to try all the delicious BC wines!

    1. winecountrybc

      I’ve got one, maybe two, more podcasts with audio that I recorded in Portland. Such a great crowd of well-spoken people!

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