Podcast 122 – Clos du Soleil Double Vertical

Rhys Pender, MW, sometimes takes the operatic approach to wine tasting.
Proud owner of Clos du Soleil Spencer Massie

If you have wines from Clos du Soleil in your cellar, consider yourself lucky. And smart. Because you probably recognize an age-worthy wine when you taste it and have recognized it in the wines produced by the Similkameen Valley winery Clos du Soleil.The exclusive tasting that was hosted at the end of this year’s fall wine festival showcased just how age-worthy these wines are. Tasting through 5 vintages each of the Capella White and Signature Red guided by Rhys Pender, Master of Wine, was a spectacular and unique experience on its own but was made more thrilling because it all took place outside the wine shop, just steps away from the vines themselves.Tasting notes for each of the wines tasted that day will be available on Clos du Soleil’s website to help all of their customers decide when they would like to open their cellared bottles. This podcast contains more of the conversation, cogitations, and ephemera that seem volatilize like aromas when glasses get swirled in truly special occasions like this.

(This is what I call an ‘organic’ podcast – meaning that it was recorded outside and has lots of interesting soundscape nuances (glasses being poured, the occasional helicopter, shots from the nearby rifle range, etc…) that can sometimes find their way into the microphone. Rather than being distracting, I hope these sounds elevate the podcast to a more immersive experience.)

The lucky gang of tasters.