Podcast 123 – The Cellar Hand Punch Down Red

Ok, I owed you this podcast. In my absent-minded bottle grab a few months ago (when I meant to grab and bottle of the white *and* the red and instead showed up with 2 *whites*) I figured Amber would love to chat a little about the Punch Down Red from The Cellar Hand label at Black Hills. And she did. And we did. And here it is.


3 thoughts on “Podcast 123 – The Cellar Hand Punch Down Red

  1. Luuuke… can you post this on iTunes? I like to listen to Wine Country BC on my iPod at work. I’m all caught up on your older podcasts so now I eagerly await the new ones! Looking forward to hearing Amber talk about this wine… her insights are great… in particular I enjoyed her rant against Cab Sauv in Podcast #80. So bang on. Cheers.

    ~the ‘other’ Mike from Podcast #38

    1. Hey Mike,

      You bet! I’ll be putting it asap. I’ve been away and in the craziness of prepping for the trip I didn’t get the code done for the feed. I’ll be doing it this morning but it sometimes takes iTunes a day to update it. It’s their game so they make the rules in that department. Hopefully it will be up today.

      Let me know the next time you’re in the OK and we’ll have a beer, uh, I mean, a lovely BC wine.


      1. Thanks Luke! I see it’s up now.

        Would love to catch up next time we’re up in the OK. I’m afraid our visits are far less often now that Mike and I both relocated to the Island. Give us a shout if you ever have reason to be in Victoria.

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