Welcome 2013 – Sharing Our Best

20130103-121007.jpgHappy New Year BC Wine lovers! I hope your holidays were all grand and filled with some great BC wines. I tweeted a few of the ones that I had over the holidays and saw quite a few others do the same. It’s a good time to pull out some of the more interesting bottles from the cellar and see how they’re doing. I love searching through the rack a little more when I know that I can share a special bottle with friends and family.

I think most true wine lovers are like that. At least, I haven’t met very many truly greedy wine lovers who actively hoard their most interesting wines. It’s almost part of ‘wine culture’ to be generous with sharing the bounty of one’s wine cellar, within appropriate contexts of course. If I’m visiting a friend’s place for a pizza and movie night, I don’t expect the friend to be bringing out a decades-old Bordeaux. A $10 red would be more appropriate. However, if I’m visiting after traveling across the country to be there for a visit, a $10 wine might seem a little out of place, especially if it’s been years between visits. When people travel a lot to visit me, they get the good stuff. Always.

20130103-120852.jpgIn June of 2013 the Wine Bloggers Conference will be attracting more than 200 of the most social-media-savy, wine-knowledgeable, wine-loving, online loud-mouths in North America to Penticton. Some of them will be traveling here from far away. At the last conference in Portland, I met people from southern California, Florida, Virginia, and Toronto. They all made the trek to Portland to see and taste the wines of the Northwest and to get inspiration for their future writing or online content. It was a lot of wine people coming for a party and the local wineries and organizations, like King Estate (who created a website specifically for the conference and presented a dinner) and the Oregon Wine Board (who presented a tasting and various dinners throughout the region at local wineries), really stepped up to bring us their best wines and experiences. I will forever remember my experience at Phelps Creek Vineyards in the Columbia Gorge AVA for many reasons. I know that I if I see any of the wines from the wineries who were present that wonderful evening (Cathedral Ridge, Viento Wines, Naked Winery, and The Pines), I will be putting them in my shopping cart first.

20130103-120934.jpgThat’s the kind of lasting experiences that I hope BC wineries can bring out for the coming conference in June. There’s only 5 short months to go now which will pass by more quickly than we think.

For my part, I’m planning on a series of podcasts on each wine sub-region in BC featuring interviews with representatives from as many local winery associations as I can get. It’s a kind of “Introduction to BC Wine” for those bloggers coming to visit as well as an audio document on BC’s wine industry at the beginning of 2013. My philosophy when starting this podcast was not only to present new and exciting wines and wineries that I thought needed more recognition, but also to document the industry at this point in time. When many of the wineries are still directly owned and operated by their founders, why wouldn’t I try to record their thoughts on the industry’s genesis?

As it is a new year, there will also be some changes to the location of the Wine Country BC Podcast. WordPress has been great as a way of starting up as a blog, but for podcasting, there are other, more efficient, ways of syndication that don’t require me to manually enter code and update a feed at 2am after editing sound for 5 hours. I’m a big believer that the best ways are usually the most efficient ways and I can no longer continue operating with the current method.


As I’ve been tweeting, I am also in the middle of recording a new album of instrumental music, including a new version of the song Cruise Control (the theme to the Wine Country BC podcast). There are also a few other projects that will be announced into the spring which will be of interest to wine lovers in the Penticton area and online.

Lots of stuff happening here in Wine Country. Thanks for listening and reading. All the best for 2013. Cheers from wine country!