Hammer Hammer OUCH – my thumb

More renovating going on, this time with the podcast feed. From what I can tell, things should look *almost exactly* the same as they did before, at least on iTunes. The only difference is that only the last 20 episodes are visible on the feed (as opposed to every single podcast produced, which is what it had been). If this is an issue and you would like to be able to retrieve some of the older podcasts, please let me know in a comment here. If the demand is there, I will create a new, separate feed that will provide access to the older podcasts.

If you have been subscribing to the podcasts through any other than iTunes, please update your feeds accordingly to the FeedBurner feed at this link or use the little flamey Feedburner icon on the sidebar on the right.

Other than a little more tweaking here and there, the big reno’s should be more or less complete so that I can now concentrate on producing podcasts (and my day job, and family, and producing a new CD, and…)

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing anything here because you will not want to miss anything that is going to be happening over the next 5 months. Interviews for the podcast series, BC Wine 101, are being gathered right now and I’ll be releasing them as soon as I can. These podcasts will be both an introduction to BC wine for my wine blogging comrades at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Penticton, and will also serve as a “state of the industry” record for where we are in 2013. This kind of podcast series would not have been possible when I started Wine Country BC largely because regions weren’t as clearly defined nor effectively represented in 2009 so it’s now time to see where #BCwine is at.