Podcast 137 – WBC13 Podcast Breakout Session Group 2

20130614-140553.jpgThis is the second group of bloggers that attended my breakout session on Saturday morning, June 8th, 2013 in Penticton to learn how to podcast. We had only a short amount of time to learn a few skills about producing a short podcast from the ground up and here is the result – a great conversation featuring a small group and one particularly tasty bottle of wine, generously supplied by Jordan Winery.

It was a completely new experience for me to talk about podcasting, which is something that I’ve been doing now since 2009. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting, chatting, and podcasting with people from all over North America. This is truly the most international podcast that I’ve ever done and I had a blast. Thank you all for coming to see how fun wine podcasting can be!

2009_Cab-LRThanks to Allan Wright at Zephyr Adventures for asking me to present a session on podcasting and to Lisa Mattson from Jordan Winery for moderating, guiding the sessions so smoothly, and supplying a stunning bottle of Jordan’s latest Cabernet Sauvignon at the last minute for my podcast breakout sessions. Thanks also to my fellow co-presenters Melissa Voth McHugh and Monique Soltani for sharing the great fun on a Saturday morning!

People you will hear on this podcast:

April Yap-Hennig from Sacred Drop.com

Terry Meyer-Stone from Tinhorn Creek’s Crush Club

Gloria Chang from Culinary Adventures.co

Gretchen Newman from VinoVerve.com

Alina from One Girl, One Glass, One World

Pamela from Senorita Vino

Kenae from Vino-ista.com

Tanisha Townsend from Girl Meets Glass

Laurie MacKay from Soul Vines

Lisa Olsen from Orchard and Vine Magazine

Barry Sloan from He Said / She Said Wine Blog

Joanna Lynn from Unveil Shuttles

A few extra notes to those intrepid podcasters who attended my session – I didn’t really have enough time to cover everything that I usually do to prepare for a podcast recording, but there are a few more tips that I didn’t get a chance to mention;

A big important one is to take a quick photo of your setup each and every time. It will help you remember what everything looked like so that when you get a great sounding recording, you can see how you did it.

Also, if you’re going to use a handheld audio recorder, use only the best (and unfortunately really, expensive) batteries like Energizer Ultimate Lithium. They are worth every penny and won’t run out in the middle of a recording. They will still get drained if your recorder is left on (or gets switched on accidentally) and then packed away after a Wine Bloggers Conference (a completely random example that I may or may not have experienced recently…) so always check to make sure and use an AC plug whenever you can.


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