New Directions

Outside the new Painted Rock wine shop with my 1980 CB750 Custom

Hey BC Wine lovers, it’s Luke, your loyal BC Wine podcaster / blogger. I will fully admit that I’ve been sucking at this whole wine blogging / podcasting thing lately and there’s lots of reasons for it. Suffice it to say that summer is a busy time here in the Okanagan and while I have every intention of keeping things rolling during the summer, life seems to have other plans. Sometimes living life and blogging about it are mutually exclusive and focusing on one seems to be somehow detrimental to the other. After the whirlwind that was the Wine Blogger’s Conference in Penticton last June, it just seemed like a little break was in order.

And then there is this little distraction that I picked up late last fall which continued again unabated in the spring. Motorcycling became a money-saving commute as well as a minor obsession this past summer to a point where I was spending more time reading motorcycle books, magazines, and websites than wine books, magazines, and websites. That’s not to say that I didn’t have some great new wines this summer, I did discover a few new places and labels. However travelling on a motorcycle, while saving tons of money on gas, also saved money in other ways as it became pretty much impossible to make any impulse wine purchases. Even with a tank bag and other means of storage on the bike, I just couldn’t bring myself to allow a bottle of wine to get shaken up quite as much as I know it would have riding home at highway speeds.

I know from my stats that there have been many loyal viewers to this blog and I’d like to thank each of you for clicking your way to Wine Country BC. I am slowly making progress on some of my resource material, especially The Big List of BC wineries, which I was shocked to see hadn’t been updated since sometime in 2011. I’ve written about or otherwise interviewed many new wineries for this blog, podcast, or other publications or websites that somehow were never included in an updated version of the main list. Seasons 2, 3, and 4 will have their archive pages updated at some point as well.


I was also able to meet a BC wine pioneer, although one not associated with any particular winery. Avid podcast fans will note that Wine Country BC is the second podcast to focus on the wines of BC while the honor of being the first belongs to “BC Winecast“, a podcast created in 2007-2008 by David Bond for the Association of B.C. Winegrowers. I finally had a chance to meet Mr. Bond at work one day and we had a great conversation about podcasting and BC wine. He had some fascinating conversations with many winemakers and producers throughout the valley which perhaps one day could be made available for new BC wine lovers out there.

There will be more videos and more podcasts to come, although to be completely honest, the rate at which these will appear will be slower than in the past. I’ve taken on a number of new clients recently and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that I’d like. My goal is to create more written content here – articles, perhaps wine reviews, thoughts, musings, and cogitations on wine in general and BC wine in particular – as I’ve recently rediscovered a love of writing. It’s something that I’ve always done but never invested much time into, having opted instead for other forms of expression like music and photography. I’m actually kind of excited to see how far this new direction goes and where it can lead.

Slainte mhath from wine country.