Podcast 140 – How to be a wine snob

When did you start drinking wine? Was it good? Was it sweet? Be honest…

There’s a psychological reason for that sweet tooth according to Andrew Barr, the author of Wine Snobbery: An Insider’s Guide to the Booze Business. It’s not a new book by any stretch but Valerie chose a couple of pages that were particularly interesting. The essential argument is that we have an innate dislike of bitterness so we have a natural tendency to seek out sweeter wines. As we age, our palates evolve and the assumption is that we learn to desire that bitterness and see sweet things as being ‘immature’ or ‘simple’. This argument rationalizes the disdain and condescension for simpler, sweeter wines like Mateus, White Zin’s, or the Liebfraumilch’s of olde, which can never be ‘taken seriously’ in the context of fine wine appreciation.

But does this argument hold water? Or maybe wine? Calli, Valerie, and I try to dissect the argument. What do you think? Has your palate changed since you ‘discovered’ wine? When did you start getting into wine? Has your palate gone through an evolution?



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