New OK Falls winery

Just saw this the other day and decided I couldn’t go past it without stopping in. Lusitano Estate Winery is located east down Rolling Hills Road which is opposite Noble Ridge’s wine shop. It’s a beautiful hilltop setting for a 14-acre vineyard and isn’t that far off the beaten path. Fred & Fernanda Ganhao are the owners and their small wine shop is now open for their first season. Their website is not yet active but I’m told it will be up soon. I plan on stopping in for a portfolio tasting as soon as I can. More info to come.

2 thoughts on “New OK Falls winery

  1. Carolyn

    Stopped in on Saturday, May 31st. The three winery dogs came to greet us. Rosie, the miniature Chihuahua is adorable. Fernanda was very welcoming and hosted our tasting. The wines are young but have great potential. Will definitely stop in again.

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