Wine Touring on a Motorcycle

I recently started a motorcycle blog (you know, in my spare time) and since it involves wine touring, I thought it should appear here as well. Please watch out for motorcycles on your wine tours. ~Luke

The NuBiker Blog

In the reality of the wine world (of which I’ve been a part of for nine years now), it’s safe to say that there really no wine regions that can truly be called “ugly”. BC’s Okanagan Valley is no different. We’ve got mountain passes and lakes, parks and playgrounds and exploring it all on a motorcycle is always great fun. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in thinking this since there are tons of motorcycles on the roads in the valley during the summer. But there are a few downsides, especially went venturing down Highway 97 south of MacIntyre bluff so here are a few ‘observations’ of mine since becoming a rider living in this area and closely following all of the major motorcycle accidents that have happened here over the past few years.

First off, there is only really one highway that goes through the valley to Osoyoos. It’s…

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