5 Years of Wine Country BC

WCBClogo20120924-232640.jpgHard to believe it’s been 5 years since I started Wine Country BC. Technically the website was registered in July and the first article published July 26th but the first podcast wasn’t released until Sept 8th. I usually consider sometime in August to be the official non-specific blogiversary which, interestingly, I’ve never ever celebrated before or even cared to.

So why now?

Well, as you’ll notice, I’m not actually celebrating. Celebrating something means doing something festive to mark the occasion. Currently the only thing happening is writing this post. That’s not celebrating. That’s just Sunday evening. Nothing special there.

"I drank WHAT???"
“I drank WHAT???”

So much has changed in the BC wine world since 2009. There are a lot more wineries, especially in the south. There are a lot more better-looking wineries that have taken the time to design their wine shops with some amount of care. There are a lot more industry associations (“generic marketing bodies” we call them, sometimes, mostly behind their backs). Currently there is the possibility of BC’s first sub-region – the Golden Mile Bench – which I think will have a fascinating effect on wine lovers (seeking to discover what makes the sub-region so special) and on winery managements (seeking to make their wines special with a new marketing opportunity). Just like wine itself, only time will tell its true value.

There will be more podcasts. There will be more articles, news, rants, and touring information. There will be more tips and tricks, things to look for, and wines to seek out on your travels.

But there will also be some changes. Cosmetic, some of them, but also structural such as a fresh new look to the website. Nothing big but hopefully useful to all you BC wine-lovin’ folks who have been so faithful to this site over the years. A guiding principle in creating this site was to connect people with wine country when they could not be here. I’ve always tried to put up information and stories that I would have wanted to read before I moved here from the coast. Most people visit the Okanagan in the summer and only the die-hards (or fool-hardy) visit in the winter. (The really nuts among us stay here all year…) But there’s a lot that happens between visits and I hope I’ve been able to fill in the blanks a little bit for you with some great new features and content.

So thank you all for reading, listening and sharing your wine country experiences with me for the past 5 years. It’s been a blast!

Cheers from wine country.


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