Podcast # 83 – Similkameen BBQ King at the Grist Mill

In the Similkameen Valley, local is good. There is a huge emphasis on eating locally and supporting local producers. That community spirit also includes the owners of wineries who have chosen this valley for their home. Bringing the wineries together is the main task for the Similkameen Wineries Association, who organized this event at the historic … Continue reading Podcast # 83 – Similkameen BBQ King at the Grist Mill

Season 5

Podcast Topic Wine Download 139 Wine Tour Companies Part 1 – Grape Escapes Link 140 How to be a Wine Snob Link 141 Wine Tour Companies Part 2 – Wine Your Way Link 142 Nomacorc Special Link 143 Similkameen Wines Corcelettes Trivium 2013 Link 144 Merits of VQA Link 145 Similkameen BBQ King 2013 Recap Link … Continue reading Season 5

Corcelettes Moves to the Upper Bench

Celebrated garagistes Corcelettes Estate Winery in the Similkameen Valley have graduated and are on their way to becoming a larger production winery with the recently announced acquisition of the Herder Winery and Vineyards. Corcelettes also has a new ownership team which will now include Charlie Baessler, his partner Jesce Walker, Charlie’s parents Urs and Barbara, and their new … Continue reading Corcelettes Moves to the Upper Bench