Has Wine Become a Classless Drink?

Awesome post from my friend Valerie on her blog that you really should check out. I’ll have more to say on it later (I usually do…) but please read this when you can and then check out Mike Veseeth’s book called “Wine Wars” (which I reviewed here some time ago) which offers some great economic explanations on differences surrounding the philosophy of wine quality. Cheers! ~Luke

The Demystified Vine

As of late, I have been pondering the question of whether or not wine has become a “classless drink”. I am highly fascinated with how quality plays a role in this question, and if people even care about quality playing a role in whether or not wine has indeed become a “classless beverage”.


For the record, I dislike the fact that there is a class system in the first place, but that is another topic of discussion. Thus, for the sake of this discussion, I shall use the term “classless”. By definition, this word means “not connected to a particular social or economic class” or “belonging to no particular social class” according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

My instincts tell me that many of you might be immediately driven to the conclusion that yes, wine has become a classless drink. Why? Well, we can infer that many might be…

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Party in the Park


The Summer Wine Festival is starting off with a bang. In the south, the OK Falls Wineries Association starts out with a party at Kenyon Park in OK Falls. This is the first in a series of events that I’m hoping to bring you a complete podcast and perhaps some video footage so keep it iTuned to Wine Country BC for the sounds of wine country.

OK Falls is positioning itself as one of the more exciting new wine areas in BC right now. Terroir-wise, it is the southern-most region to benefit from the moderating effect of a lake. It has a great mix of old (by BC standards) wineries and vineyards (See Ya Later, Blue Mountain, and Wild Goose) and young and innovative new wineries (Meyer Family Vineyards, Painted Rock, and Kraze Legz). And when you see a photo in a publication related to BC’s wineries, chances are it is a photo of McIntyre Bluff just to the south of OK Falls.

Want to be on a podcast?? Find me at this event and say, “I’m drinking the sounds at Wine Country BC!” Just look for the wine nerd with the microphone.

Here’s the info:

Party in the Park
Friday, July 6, 2012 5 – 9 pm

Presented by the Okanagan Falls Winery Association in Kenyon Park
Celebrate summer in the heart of wine country! Join all twelve of our wineries as they host this inaugural event at the edge of Skaha Lake in Kenyon Park – a summer evening with great food, wonderful wine and festive live music..
Sample premier local wines at a festival-style tasting. Enjoy a sumptuous southern style BBQ buffet dinner with a lake view prepared by The Chef Instead. Wines by the glass can be purchased at a nominal fee.
Tap your toes to the tunes of Kyle Anderson and his Amazing Rubber Band

Dancing and general merriment are encouraged at this party!