Ontario quarantines its wine industry for another year

Oh Ontario. More news to file until the "Not really that surprising" category. Ontario's Ford government has extended the restriction on receiving interprovincial shipments of wine through their regulations. Wine lawyer Mark Hicken posted today that the Ontario government has amended the law to restrict wine shipments from outside of the province for another year …

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Farewell Wine Access

Wine Access magazine will be no more after the February / March issue. While I have learned a lot about wine from this magazine over the years, I have also been critical of their magazine and not renewed my subscriptions more than a couple of times. There are only so many Top 50 lists I …

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Podcast 124 – Wine Country Canada

Sorry for the delay. We now return you to regularly scheduled wine consumption, already in progress. It's been a long fall and again, as I was last year, I've been caught off-guard as to how busy I am during the fall. The summer can be a bit of a grind here and it seems like …

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Podcast 97 – BS Rosé

This week, we focus on something that a great many 'serious' wine lovers seem to disregard: Rosé. It's almost a bad word among a certain generation of wine lovers who won't touch the stuff. THAT IS GREAT!! Please keep ignoring it! Keep assuming that it's all simple, sweet, girly wines and pay no mind to …

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Cellared in Canada – Let’s talk about it

In the store that I work in, I had three different customers today refuse to look at any of Vincor's Jackson-Triggs wines because they've heard about all the fuss over their white label series of wines, which are "Cellared in Canada". Unfortunately for Vincor, those customers today now equate the Jackson-Triggs label no matter what color it is) with deception.