Oliver Fires 2015

Every place has its 'thing', a natural danger to inhabitants that occasionally make life a little more uncertain. Visiting grandparents and uncles in Florida, I was surprised to find a channel on the television that was dedicated entirely to hurricane warnings. Living in Montreal, massive snow storms that would cripple most cities or have them …

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BC VQA Golden Mile Bench is on its way

The Golden Mile Bench wineries are now well on their way to having the Okanagan's first sub-appellation. It represents the first serious step in narrowing the focus of BC wines, stratifying the growing regions, and shining some light on what those many microclimates can contribute to the wines we drink. This could be an ugly …

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Podcast 129 – BCWine 101 Oliver Osoyoos

Welcome to BC Wine 101, where I will focus in on a different wine region in each episode for anyone who is interested in learning about BC wine, including the wine bloggers who will be traveling to Penticton for the Wine Bloggers Conference coming up in June. You can listen online here or download our …

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Podcast #8 – Special Harvest Podcast and Jackpot Chard from Rd. 13

The grapes have been harvested for the season and the winemakers and cellar staff are busy pressing and fermenting. We talk about what goes on in the wineries at harvest time and how those grapes make it into your bottle. Join us with a great bottle of Road 13's Jackpot Chardonnay!