Wine Blogger’s Conference 2012 – Part 2

Rare action shot of the interview with @RozDB

A standout Pinot Noir from Oregon.

There are lots of great blog entries about the Wine Blogger’s Conference and sometimes I feel that I’m just adding to all of the noise. But it’s been a month now since the conference has finished and I value the perspective that time has given me on what I got to experience with Oregon wines in Portland. Listening back to some of the audio that I recorded while I was there, I really got a strong recollection of what it was like to be there at the events. I’m not sure that I can really write about it as eloquently and effectively as other people have (check out posts by Jameson Fink and Becca Yeamans) but I will be trying to do just that over the next few weeks. If I can write as well as I can record, which will still only be half as good as the aforementioned bloggers, then hopefully it will fully encapsulate the diversity of experiences that I had at the conference.

From a decade+ vertical at a party.

Until then, here’s another round of audio interviews from the 2012 Wine Blogger’s Conference in Portland featuring bloggers and industry people from BC, California, Oregon, Boston, and Italy. Cheers from wine country!
~ Luke

On this podcast, you will hear:

Leeann Froese from Okanagan Crush Pad

Katie Hunter from Charles Communications

Magdalena Kaiser-Smit from Wine Country Ontario

Roslyne Buchanan from

Dano Qualls from

Robbin Gheesling from

Charles Humble from the Oregon Wine Board

Jeannette Montgomery from M Gallery Book and Okanagan Writing Services

Jeff Weissler from

and… Tracy Reis from Penticton and Wine Country Tourism with great last words on what to look forward to for #WBC13.

Well, hello there. Come to Portland often??